Woman’s Weekly Live!

Woman's Weekly Live!Tomorrow I’m off to Event City, Manchester, for Woman’s Weekly Live! which promises an array of workshops, demonstrations, and advice on craft, knitting, fiction, cookery, gardening, fashion, and home.

The event itself takes place over three days: 12th, 13th and 14th September and offers a day of workshops and talks with some of the biggest names in the womag short story writing industry.

I have places booked on the one-to-one workshop with Della Galton and Jane Wenham-Jones, two names that will be familiar to all who enjoy short story fiction, and a talk by Woman’s Weekly editor, Gaynor Davies, who will advise on the stories and serials she is seeking for her publication.

Other workshops and talks cover the topics of 21st century romance, attention-grabbing openings, and kick-starting your writing, as well as a chat with the authors at the end of the day.

A full timetable of events is available on the Woman’s Weekly site, and you can secure a place on two writers’ workshops – should availability allow – if you pre-book online. There is the option to try for available places on the day of attendance, but these will be limited.

It sounds like great value for money at only £9 per adult (£7 in advance), giving lots of invaluable insider knowledge to increase your chances of success in the short story writing market. Bargain!



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7 Responses to Woman’s Weekly Live!

  1. Hi

    I hope you enjoyed the event, I was presenting gift wrapping demonstrations with Create & Craft TV, it was an amazing event.

  2. Della Galton says:

    Looking forward to meeting you Julie, do come and introduce yourself :)

  3. Great value for £9! Best of all possible luck!

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