What determines the popularity of a blog?

typewriterwriterpng_amazon_kindle_fire_hd_7_gen6Unfortunately, my writing projects, including this blog, have been shelved recently due to a bout of illness that left me feeling quite poorly. Despite not being fully recovered as yet, I am improving with each day that passes, and I did manage to submit my entry to the competition at Opening Lines BBC Radio 4 before falling foul of the worst of my affliction, but since then … zilch, I’m afraid.

Although I haven’t felt up to writing, I did spend some time catching up on my reading, along with visiting many of the blogs that I follow, and it got me thinking: What determines the popularity of a blog? Engaging content? Professional presentation? Resonance of subject matter?

Most of the blogs I regularly visit are well-written and presented, interesting and informative. Some are original, others merely regurgitation. Then, there are a few I’ve stumbled across that are, in my opinion, positively cringeworthy. Any attempts to be funny appear embarrassing and, often, the contents barely literate. Yet, this seems to have little effect on the number of followers or comments this site may receive. This is where the confusion arises. There are some excellent and professionally executed blogs out there that post regularly but receive little to no comments, while the inane and inconsequential drivel of the aforementioned blogs have commentators queuing to add their remarks. What is going on? 

Could it be the personality of the blogger that serves as the main draw for the site? Do readers feel intimidated when it comes to posting comments on too professional looking a blog? Can the ease of access to a site prove an issue, deterring readers from adding comments? Or, is it simply that our audience is an unpredictable beast of which no assumptions can be made? I am at a loss to understand but if anyone can throw some light on this matter, I’d be happy to hear your views.

I still have a Kindle Fire HD cover to give away (see image above and my last post for details) from CafePress and worth £36, free to any reader who leaves a comment to let me know they are interested.

Back to the grindstone, tomorrow — hopefully! Wishing you all a most productive writing week.




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2 Responses to What determines the popularity of a blog?

  1. I also worry about what makes a successful blog, also how to use social media to promote your work, and I’m afraid I don’t understand it either. The most popular post I ever started was on Telegraph Online, concerning being unable to open jars of pickled cucumbers.

    However, I do think that you may have something in that some people are intimidated by too professional-looking blogs. Also, it seems to me that each blog has a group of friends who always ‘like’ and comment.

    • Julie Wow says:

      I agree entirely with your comments, and admit that it can be quite disheartening at times. I do not have a network of writerly friends, which is why I am always grateful for you taking the time to stop by to comment on my blog.

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