What attracts you to a social media site?

Social mediaI am not on Facebook; I don’t like it. But, I’m also savvy enough to realise that I’ll probably open a page eventually, given the emphasis on self-promotion via social media sites. Facebook has many merits: fast and effective communication to a worldwide audience and free connectivity between a widespread network of family and friends, being just a couple of these. Unfortunately, like Twitter, it isn’t always used in the spirit in which it was intended, allowing individuals to subject the world to the minutiae of their humdrum lives and recreate reality, to the bewilderment of those closest to them.

Before the inevitability of my conversion occurs, I thought I might explore other social media sites, so joined Instagram and Tumblr, instead. Instagram presents as an infinite photograph album that allows users to add more unnecessary images to be viewed by an already over-sensitised audience. I added a few of my own, of course, though not selfies — I’m not arrogant enough to believe others would be interested in posed, indistinguishable pictures of me – no, just a few mildly interesting snaps I’ve taken whilst out and about. My contribution is a drop in the ocean compared to that of others using this medium, and I don’t see myself using it often but when I delve into it properly, I’m sure there are some nuggets of brilliance to be found amongst the usual collective drivel. I haven’t explored or used Tumblr yet because, on first impression, it seems quite similar to WordPress and it’s time consuming enough maintaining one blog, without starting another.

By far, my favourite new registered site is Pinterest. I am addicted; it has become my new religion. I’ve even downloaded a button onto my laptop for instantaneous sharing. Pinterest is a platform for users to share images and ideas without the jostling of huge egos to get in the way. It’s easy to register and start creating your boards, before adding pins from the thousands on offer, as well as the capability to add those of your own creation. The pins come in the form of an image, which often gives a link that expands with related information, should you wish to explore the topic further. The subject matter found on the site is eclectic and diverse ranging from recipes, home design and quotes to Lego builds, saucy vintage seaside postcards and paper crafts. It is a myriad of easily accessible and well-presented information that requires minimal effort and maximum enjoyment; perfect for dipping into when you have a few minutes spare.

I don’t think there’s any doubt where my attention will be focused, for the time being, Have you tried any of these sites, and how did your experience compare? I’d love to hear your comments.

Copyright: tovovan / 123RF Stock Photo

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