Turns out, I’m no Jackie Collins! Who knew?

jackie-collins-370x200The results of the Ann Summers Erotic Fiction Writing Competition were announced yesterday, and my name wasn’t amongst them. Having read through the winning stories, I can see what lead the judges to make their final decision. They present as articulate, original and sexy and, although very different to each other, all serve this particular genre very well. It was my first attempt at erotic fiction and at least I gave it a go, even though I’ll probably never show the story to another living soul for the rest of my days. OK! That’s enough self-congratulatory back-patting for one day.

My entry has been submitted to the ‘Tracy Chevalier’ competition or The Homestart Bridgwater Short Story Prize 2015, as it’s more commonly known, but after stumbling across the previous winners and their high calibre stories — usually always read these before I start my own piece; don’t know what happened this time — I felt quite disheartened. If nothing else, I should regard each story written and submitted as an exercise in honing my skills as a writer … hopefully!

Now, here as promised, is the giveaway for anyone out there in possession of a Kindle Fire HD. My Darling One bought me a new Kindle for Christmas, but the Fire HD 7 version. I wanted something different — rather than your bog-standard case — to protect it so ordered a good quality, albeit expensive, one from CafePress who sent out the wrong type then told me to keep it anyway because it would cost too much to return. So, I’ve decided to give it away to anyone who may wish to see it adorning their own device. The case is exquisite, in the style of a magnetic origami cover, with an image of an antiquated typewriter and the word writer on the front (see here).  Just leave a comment, if you’re interested, and if more than one person comes forward, I’ll draw names from a hat. I’m happy to pay the postage (only within the UK — sorry, folks) so it’s a great product, free gratis. If you don’t own one, but know someone who does, tell them about it.

Until next time, ciao for now!







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4 Responses to Turns out, I’m no Jackie Collins! Who knew?

  1. Hard luck, Julie. I can’t do erotica AT ALL. My one attempt had my reader saying she was bored.

  2. Bernadette Davies says:

    keep going Julie xxxx

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