Trove Café & Bakery

Trove Cafe & BakeryLast week, hubby and I visited an organic café in Levenshulme, a vibrant and multicultural area of Manchester that appears to be undergoing a period of much-needed regeneration from its impoverished roots.

Trove is an intimate space with a minimalist, Scandinavian feel. Its white walls, stripped floorboards and scrubbed wooden tables help to create a calm and trendy (but not pretentious) atmosphere. The staff are welcoming from the moment you cross the threshold, and the menu offers a more unusual take on your average café offerings and is reasonably priced. Artisan and organic bread, chutneys and jams are also available to buy over the counter and are supplied from their local bakery to many establishments, throughout the Manchester area.

I sampled the bacon, brie and apple, plum & chilli chutney on wholemeal molasses & Chutneysunflower seed bread, washed down with a homemade cucumber and mint cordial. The bread was tasty (though I’d take care if you have any loose teeth or fillings) and the chutney and cordial: divine. My husband plumped for the eggs and bacon with white sourdough toast for which he gave a resounding thumbs up.

The establishment has been awarded a five-star hygiene rating that was displayed on the door, and I have no complaints about the quality or presentation of the food, which was spot on. My only niggles were the chips in the pottery of the plate serving my food, and the water provided to customers, free of charge. This was served in large milk bottle style carafes, but the one on our table was there when we arrived, minus any drinking glasses. Had these been replenished as our order was taken, I would have accepted it as a most welcome addition. In the circumstances, I wasn’t about to drink it, not knowing how long it had been sat there.

As I said, this was merely a niggle and didn’t detract from our overall experience. I would most heartily recommend the café and shall be returning again to try out something new from this exciting menu.



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