Thrice Upon A Time

Thrice Upon A TimeThrice Upon A Time is not only the title of this compilation of eighteen fairy tales specially reimagined for adults, but the first story in this collection. Published by Alfie Dog Fiction and featuring an eclectic group of authors, the stories are woven to cleverly introduce more contemporary, and often humorous, elements. These take the darker side of human nature a step further and usually without the expected happy ending.

Most were easily recognisable as traditional bedtime tales, and those particular ones resonated with me more than the other lesser-known and newly created narratives. I also felt some stood out as more skilfully crafted than others, with a couple becoming quite onerous to read and sadly lacking in the moral message department.

Despite this, I enjoyed escaping into this fantasy world and will, no doubt, return to re-read and dabble in it once again in the not too distant future.

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