The X Factor

Magic CauldronI am in awe of those writers who manage to take an age-old theme and reconstitute it to create something fresh and invigorating. In particular, I am referring to the Wells Festival of Literature winning story, ‘Erosion’ by Barbara Leahy. Helen Yendall highlighted it on her ‘Blog About Writing’ and after reading the story I was, quite frankly, jealous.

Barbara Leahy succeeds in giving the reader such a descriptive account that you take the journey with the characters as they venture over the rough terrain of landscape and through the mire of rocky relationships. And all this without the narrative becoming tedious or losing tension, as it builds to its climatic revelation. It’s having that magical combination that gives a story the X Factor and makes it a winner. If I ever achieve that level of writing, I shall be a happy bunny. It certainly inspires one to keep trying, so for that I should be grateful. Congratulations to the author on a well-deserved triumph!

I am currently on tenterhooks awaiting the results of two competitions I recently entered, the outcome of which should have been announced by now, according to their websites. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not presuming to have won, or even been placed in the results. I just need to see confirmation that I haven’t, so I can then move on with my life… and, breathe! Sad, or what?

Till next time, and here’s hoping you find success in whatever writing challenge you choose to undertake.

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