Stuffed Robins Don’t Fly

Stuffed Robins Don't Flyby Gill McKinlay

Stuffed Robins Don’t Fly is a collection of easy-to-read short stories that can be absorbed in one sitting on a lazy day, or dipped into periodically whilst enjoying a break for coffee.

The subject matter involves the every day eventualities of battling compulsions, overcoming loneliness caused by bereavement and divorce, and repairing self-esteem and stretches to topics as diverse as that of my particular favourites: outwitting a shirking husband, handling a UFO fanatic and managing a guitar playing funeral singer.

The tone is resonant of the women’s magazine market, and uses humour to convey much of its message with a guaranteed uplifting ending.

My only criticism is a few niggly grammatical errors that appear at intervals throughout the book, but this in no way detracts from the overall entertainment value.

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  1. Sounds good, Julie. Did you review this for AlfieDog?

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