Start As You Mean To Go On

Start As You Mean To Go OnRemember me telling you about the competition in which I was recently shortlisted? The results were announced this week, and guess what? I didn’t win. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed, but I’m also gratified to have made it to the final few. My congratulations go to the winner and runners-up, nonetheless.

The competition in question was featured on the Retreat West writing website and was October’s theme of ‘Change’. Julie Cohen, whose novel Dear Thing was selected for the Richard and Judy Summer 2014 Book Club, was the final judge so I’m honoured to have had my work read by such a talented author. I’m even more flattered that she labelled my story, Granny Smith, as ‘powerfully emotional’.

Now for the good news! In the course of the last week or so, I have completed one and almost finished two other stories for entry to further competitions. (The only reason I have three is because my first attempt at erotic fiction was hardly steaming … in fact, it was barely lukewarm. It organically evolved as more romcom, than erotica, but still too quirky for womag, I think. If anyone out there knows of a fitting market, I’d be happy to hear from you.) My entry to the Ann Summers Erotic Fiction Writing Competition has been submitted today and there is less than a month to wait for the results. That’s the sort of turnaround I like!

Next week, I intend to spend some time revamping stories from my existing crop, continue the redrafting of my ‘Tracy Chevalier’ story (as I have taken to calling it), and start work on a few new creations for the competitions highlighted on my office white board. I also need to identify markets where I can hone my proofreading skills. Oh, and I mustn’t forget my French. Busy old week in store for me, then.

Hope your start to the year is proving as productive.

Look out for a giveaway on my blog in the next couple of weeks. Ideal for all you writers who own a Kindle Fire HD.

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6 Responses to Start As You Mean To Go On

  1. Congratulations on getting into the ‘final few’. Actually, it doesn’t matter that you didn’t win. You had your work read by someone in the trade and had it called ‘powerfully emotional’. Submit it again, along with all the others you’re doing.

  2. Bernadette Davies says:

    looking forward to your erotica material x

  3. Bernadette Davies says:

    Keep going Julie, all that hard work will pay off xx

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