Six Stupid Sheep and Other Yarns

Six Stupid SheepShort Stories by Susan Wright

Six Stupid Sheep and Other Yarns is a collection of 13 short stories, by Susan Wright, and published by Alfie Dog Fiction. Their themes are centred on common emotional issues such as loneliness, deceit, jealousy, desire, loss, and naivety, amongst others. The individual stories are easy to read and generally well presented.

However, some read as a little far-fetched and the narrative often repetitive. The author also has a tendency to rush the ending so her protagonist’s problem is resolved hurriedly, in a few lines, after pages of angst. Admittedly, brevity is good for the tying-up of loose ends but the denouement, in several examples seen here, is far too clean and romanticised for my liking. Alongside this, I struggled to resonate with many of the characters, such was their stereotypical and sentimental depiction.

Despite not being to my taste, there is obviously a market out there for this kind of material as the author in question already has a successful career in short story writing. So, if you’re seeking subject matter that isn’t too taxing, and along similar lines to that found in many popular women’s magazines, you could do worse than to consider giving this a go.

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  1. You’re not exactly selling this one to me, but I have read several other stories by Susan Wright, on Alfie Dog, and enjoyed them all ‘In the Kitchen With a Knife’, which I reviewed on my blog, was excellent.

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