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Magic Christmas TreeFairly recently, I decided to chance my arm at submitting an entry to the Alfie Dog Fiction International Short Story Competition. Part of the criteria for entry was to pay for five short stories from the Alfie Dog site, in lieu of a fee. Most of the downloads I made had a Christmas theme — bit early, I know — but as I’ve already made good headway into this year’s presents, I decided it would be a good way to get me in the mood for the season. Here are the reviews for two of the stories:

A Toaster or a Kettle, by Susan Wright, is like a traditional Scottish biscuit: short and sweet. Its subject matter deals with the annual dilemma of what can be considered an appropriate and suitable gift for your spouse at Christmas. The twist in the tale, though, suggests that not everything is as it seems and reinforces the adage that ‘one man’s meat is (often) another man’s poison’. An enjoyable read!

An Angel in the Freezer, by Sue Houghton, takes us on an evocative journey of nostalgia and family tradition when, as the title dictates, an angel is discovered at the bottom of the freezer, of all places. The author describes this scene with such humour and pathos that it conjures up an almost indelible image of this rather sad-looking Christmas ornament. The story goes on to tackle the regret many of us feel as things change with the passing of time, but advocates that life can still be enjoyed if you’re willing to embrace these changes, rather than resist them. A truly heart-warming winter’s tale!

More reviews to follow!

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2 Responses to Short Story Reviews for Alfie Dog Fiction

  1. Great reviews, Julie. Very short and pithy. I now want to read both stories, which must be good. I also subbed to the Alfie Dog Short Story Comp – may the best story win.

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