Sadie, our beloved cat, died today at the ripe old age of 16. Although we are incredibly sad, we were grateful to be around to comfort her during the last few moments of her life, which were relatively peaceful.Sadie 1

Arriving in this world on a chilly December day in 1998, she became an instant favourite with many (particularly the men) thanks to her charm, her pretty and petite demeanour, and her eternal kitten-like appearance, despite the advancing years. With a coat as soft and smooth as a baby’s blanket, and a splash of ginger fur to spice up her tabby heritage, she was a most appealing cat.

Prawns were her favourite dish, as was evident by the emission of the prawn cry: a distinctive caterwaulingSadie 2 she made whenever the scent of such hit her nostrils, and she was never far away from an opened fridge door, just in case a tasty titbit was on offer.

In her early years, she sought adventure and was often seen wandering the banks of the local canal. On one occasion, she disappeared for a couple of days resulting in a sleepless night for us until she returned, nonchalantly sauntering in with the attitude: what’s all the fuss about? In her dotage, this wanderlust subsided preferring then to remain within the confines of the garden, or bedding down on the most uncomfortable of ‘cushions’ — laptop bags being her particular favourite.

Her health had deteriorated over recent months. We had several occasions when we thought ‘this is it’, before she’d bounce back, even putting on weight, so that we took to nicknaming her Lazarus.Sadie 3

Some might say: she was only a cat. Yes, that’s true but to us, she was so much more. She embodied immeasurable happiness, laughter and fun, not to mention frustration, at times, and our family unit will forever seem somewhat diminished because of her loss. Already, the house has a different vibe without her presence — empty, almost. So, we just wanted to say thank you, Sadie, for being a part of our lives. We miss you and will always remember you.

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