Recipe for Love

Recipe for Love by Katie Ffordeby Katie Fforde

Katie Fforde’s recent offering, ‘Recipe for Love’, introduces us to Zoe Harper, an independent and capable young woman who has secured a place in a televised cookery competition.

Following in the wake of the success of ‘The Great British Bake Off’, Fforde has cashed in on the appeal of Paul Hollywood by creating her own delicious judge, Gideon Irving.

When Gideon drives his car, inadvertently, into a ditch on the way to the venue, Zoe is on hand to come to his aid. And Zoe’s compulsion to help doesn’t stop there, as we discover when she meets the heavily pregnant hostess of the event, Fenella Gainsborough.

Add to the mix a beautifully alluring, but devious, roommate in the form of Cher, who appears determined to bring everyone’s attention to Zoe’s fraternisation with a judge and thereby, scupper any plans she may have to win. Blend these together and we have the perfect ingredients to create a recipe for confusion, determination and romance.

Katie Fforde has mastered the art of this particular genre and this one doesn’t disappoint. It is light, entertaining and a great read for a spot of escapism.

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