Out with the old, in with the new!

2015My blog updates have been neglected of late, so may I apologise to those of you who take the trouble to visit my site on a regular basis. The only explanation I can offer is the festive season: the chaotic preparations, followed by the exhausted lull.

Now I know any self-respecting and conscientious writer would never use that as an excuse … a committed writer will always find time to write. But, I refused to add to my stress levels by setting myself writing deadlines as well. My blood pressure could not take it.

However, now that the big day is finally behind us — as far away as ever as my late grandma used to always say, even before the final mince pie was polished off on Christmas day — I can look forward to contemplating new writing projects in 2015.

Unlike many others of my ilk, I have decided not to set any concrete goals this year as it further dampens my enthusiasm and heightens my sense of failure when other things creep in to prevent me from meeting them. That’s not to say there aren’t projects I have in mind that I intend to pursue. I’m just not committing myself in print to achieving them. I intend to see everything I complete and submit as an accomplishment, enabling me to progress further along my chosen path. This way, I can remain positive and in control.

The only thing I will say is that I don’t intend to submit any further stories to the womag market. I have spent too much time and energy trying and realise this is not for me. That’s not to say I have given up on short stories altogether. In fact, only a couple of weeks before Christmas, I learnt that a story of mine had been shortlisted in a competition, and I should discover the final outcome soon. Fingers crossed! Making the shortlist is an achievement in itself and not one to be sniffed at, though. One step nearer the finish line, and all that.

It just leaves me to say that I hope you all enjoyed a very merry Christmas and wish you a productive and successful new year!

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  1. Good luck in the comp, Julie. And sorry you are giving up womag. I know how you feel, that it’s unattainable, but I myself will keep knocking on the door.

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