Oh look, a bee!

BeeI have to admit to being remiss with my blog updates this year, which is, in part, due to feeling completely demoralised about my writing progress. With very little success to speak of and rejection after rejection eating away at any remaining confidence, I have found it even more difficult to stay focused on one project.

I’ll start with what I think is a great idea for a short story, only to be distracted by a better one for a flash fiction piece. I then move on to researching details for a novel, before deciding to develop characters for a sitcom script, only to stop and jot down thoughts for a non-fiction article. Alongside this, honing my proofreading skills and how best to advertise them is always at the forefront of my mind.  In the end, the wealth of ideas and simultaneous tasks clutter my reasoning like a hoarder’s den and, just like a hoarder, I feel overwhelmed and unable to sift through and decide which are worth keeping. My productivity is rendered almost inert because of the multitudinous choice. Have I developed attention deficit disorder, I wonder? It compares with Bill Bailey’s assumption that the ending of the Countdown theme tune is so uninspiring because the composer was distracted and lost his impetus: Oh look, a bee!

In the past couple of weeks, I have written and submitted several flash fiction stories and letters to magazines – one of which was recently published, making it my fifth in that particular publication – but when it comes to anything longer, I struggle to maintain the momentum to complete the assignment. I know what you’re thinking: just keep working on one, before moving on to another. This would be the simple and obvious solution, but my quest to seek out any opportunity for success, however small, has led me to vacillate towards that which might satisfy this need. If I don’t change my ways soon though, I feel any chance of success will diminish further, rather than increase. Any ideas, anyone?

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2 Responses to Oh look, a bee!

  1. Don’t be discouraged, Julie. You do really just need to keep going and I think you know that. Some avenues are more open than others – scifi and fantasy, for instance. The trouble is, with both you and me, is that we prefer the more mainstream route and to write about real life and real situations, and there are an awful lot of people doing that.

    • Julie Wow says:

      I do already know this, you’re right. I was feeling sorry for myself and needed a whinge, but keeping going is the only option if I want to succeed, and I’ll always regret it if I give up now. Thanks for the moral support, though.

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