Not a bad start to a new year, if I do say so myself

letter-of-the-week-2Happy new year!

You what! She’s got a nerve. Doesn’t show her face round here for months, no sight or sound of her at Christmas, then turns up to wish us all the best. Bleedin’ liberty!

Guilty as charged, m’lord. But, in my defence, I haven’t been idle with my time. As you can see by the photograph, mine is the Letter of the Week in the TV Times: a writing goal — small, but significant — that I aspired to in a previous blog post and have now achieved. Hurrah! Good start to 2017, wouldn’t you say. (The wording of the letter has been changed slightly and no longer grammatically correct, but you can’t have everything.)

stag-3If you recall, I’ve been taking a break from writing — with the exception of a one-off letter — to explore other creative pursuits, namely button art. Having completed several projects in the last couple of months, some to give as  Christmas presents (as featured), I’ve received much praise for my endeavours. This has increased my confidence, reawakened  my creative juices and, in turn, revitalised my writing muscle. Already, I’ve got several story arcs on the back burner, with a few competitions in mind. Time to start getting them on paper, methinks. That’s not to say I’ll be abandoning my new projects. I intend to pursue these and writing, simultaneously. A busy time ahead then. Better get off and make a start.

What creative ambitions do you have for the coming year? Drop by and let me know.






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4 Responses to Not a bad start to a new year, if I do say so myself

  1. bernadette davies says:

    button art, beautiful and congratulations with the writing, Happy New Year and I hope that everything positive comes your way xxx

  2. Rosemary Johnson says:

    Well done on the letter. You and TV Times seem to do well. And on your Christmas presents. And welcome back to the writing world.

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