My Shrunken Literary Muscle

Brain muscleI’ve often heard writers liken the act of writing to exercising a muscle and after a prolonged break from short story composition, I now understand exactly what they mean.

Exercising anything is a concept I struggle with, being inherently lazy. Within minutes of starting, I’m distracted and thinking of more pleasurable things I could be doing. However, I’ve tried to make more of an effort recently, indulging in more physical exercise by gardening and undertaking all those household chores that often get neglected. We’ve even hired a WaterRower — of the variety used by Kevin Spacey, in ‘House of Cards’ — which is great for a full body workout, toning arms and legs, as well as having cardiovascular benefits. Of course, this is good for my overall level of fitness and allowing time for musing various storylines but all these things combined means further time away from my laptop, deferring the task of producing any actual written work.

My procrastination is probably deliberate as just like the exhaustion I feel after a few minutes on the rower, so this continues into my written work. It’s as if I’ve started back at the beginning of my literary journey and learning how to stretch each ligament of my imagination again before I can use it. My writing muscle has almost certainly atrophied. I am trying to remedy this situation by building up my tolerance little by little each day, but it’s proving a slow process. Eventually, I hope to get back into my stride — must keep going, I’ve come too far to give up now. If anyone is able to offer advice that may speed this up in the meantime, I’d appreciate your comments. Until then, must soldier on. Toodle pip!

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2 Responses to My Shrunken Literary Muscle

  1. You’ll soon get back into it. If your writing muscles are slack now, they’ll soon tone up. Also – think of this way – you’ll be fresh.

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