Life is like a box of chocolates…

Box of ChocolatesForrest Gump’s momma told him: ‘Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.’

These words of wisdom quoted from the eponymously named film Forrest Gump do have a ring of truth about them (unless you have one of those handy little pamphlets outlining the contents of the box and even then you can still be disappointed with your choice). Unfortunately this means that many of us spend a lot of time eating coffee creams (yuck!) because that’s all life leaves us with. But occasionally we are lucky enough to be landed with a filling we really like. This week I have had the good fortune to be presented with a box full of my favourite centres. 

Firstly, I won a gorgeous pair of earrings (to the right of the picture) thanks to a competition run on Twitter and Facebook by Milly Johnson  to promote her new book Umbrella earringsIt’s Raining Men (which I am currently reading and enjoying immensely). I have also acquired a delicate porcelain dinner service from an aunt – but that’s another story. And things continued to get better and better.

By chance I discovered (again on Twitter) a writers’ circle based in an extremely arty café in the centre of my home town of Manchester. The writers involved sound quirky and dynamic and just what I’ve been looking for, so I shall trot off next week to CAKE.shortandsweet  – What a fabulous name! – to investigate further.

I’ve also submitted a short story to the talented and prolific Morgen Bailey to take advantage of her editing skills in the hope it may improve my chances of success in the commercial market. The first 1000 words of any manuscript are treated as a free sample to determine whether the service she provides is to your taste, and thereafter £4/1000 words or £2/1000 words for proofreading – a very competitive and reasonable price, I think you’d agree. I’m uber excited (and a little apprehensive) to read her comments, but any constructive feedback from a professional writer has to be worth its weight in gold.

So, all in all, a week filled with hazelnut whirls and Turkish delights – not to everybody’s taste, I know – and I’m left hoping that the criticism from Morgen doesn’t turn into a hard caramel that may cause havoc with my fillings and render me speechless and writhing in pain.

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9 Responses to Life is like a box of chocolates…

  1. Thank you for the mention (and plug!), Julie. I hope my feedback helps with your story, and your writing ongoing.


    • JWow Admin says:

      The feedback was really useful, and I intend to take advantage of your editing service again. Will be submitting the story, with your suggested revisions, so keeping my fingers crossed that the competition judges will like it. Thanks.

      • Oh, I will, absolutely. I used to enter quite a few competitions with some success, then a few months went by where everything else took over. I’ve started resubmitting this summer (a third place so far). As they say, you have to be in it to win it and will keep everything crossed for you. I look forward to reading more – short stories are my first love.

  2. Hi Julie,

    Thanks for sharing our little writing group, it would be lovely to meet you there! I’m currently running one on alternate Fridays which meets tomorrow at the Craft & Design centre, or our regular group meets this Sunday :)

    Hope to see you there,


    • JWow Admin says:

      Thanks for getting in touch, Sarah – I’m looking forward to it. Do you meet through the grey doors to the right side of the cafe?

  3. Bernadette Davies says:

    Coffee creams!! Yuck! and Yuck! again, there should be a warning on any boxes containing these and I think they should be handed out as punishments to naughty kids. Cake.short and sweet, sounds fabulous, just what the Doctor ordered. Love your blog, it is so entertaining, I especially like the one about the “Fat Bank” made me chuckle. I look forward to reading your posts before I go to work in the morning, because they add some interest to the start of my day. Good luck with the proof reading!

    • JWow Admin says:

      What a good idea! You should be made Education Minister and bring all those pesky, unruly kids back into line. Likewise, perhaps coffee creams could be used as a form of interrogation device whereby you’re continually fed the little blighters until you confess your misdemeanours. Just a thought! Thank you for your sweet felicitations about my blog… makes the writing seem worthwhile.

  4. Well done, Julie, on submitting work to Morgen, and to finding the writers’ circle! And fingers crossed!

    • JWow Admin says:

      Feel it is another step in the right direction. I dream a dream of time gone by… sorry, got carried away with myself then.

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