Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer

As a nation we are obsessed with the British climate, but understandably so for where is the good weather that should be, by rights, now upon us? Has it abandoned us, along with the majority of other holidaymakers, preferring to stay with its more exotic relatives abroad? A few paltry days of sunshine over a bank holiday weekend does not a summer make.

Don’t you long to wake and step outside to a blue, cloudless sky with a warm breeze tantalising your bare skin, instead of a gale force wind trying to uproot your conifers and set sail to your washing?

A traditional summer with balmy, sunny days seems to be a thing of the past, but before we hanker after that most coveted of seasons, spare a thought for all that comes with it:

  • The opportunity for the world to venture forth with enough power tools to stock the shelves of all the B&Q stores in the land, and make as much noise as humanly possible throughout the hours of daylight.
  • A cacophony of kids screaming and shouting (I think they call it playing), from early morning till dusk, and doing their level best to try and break the sound barrier when you’ve just finished a night shift.
  • An interminable amount of insects armed with their deadly weapons and ready to do battle.
  • Greedy plants and flowers that demand more water than a 4×4 does diesel on an around town trip, or threaten to shrivel and die.
  • Grass that grows at the speed of The Apprentice candidates’ egos as they get through another round without being fired.
  • Music from late night barbecues graciously ‘shared’ with the neighbours into the early hours.

So next time you look up to see that overcast sky be careful what you wish for, or it might not be long before you’re dreaming of dark nights drawing in, downpours, and a welcome chill in the air. Never satisfied, are we?

Image credit: phil_bird / 123RF Stock Photo



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