Jolly Holiday

CartmelOn Tuesday of this week, I was treated to a day out by my very good friend, Anne, as a reward for helping her daughter in the run up to her GSCE exams.

We decided on a small village called Cartmel on the outskirts of the Lake District; a place evoking many happy childhood memories of family camping holidays, for my companion.

Despite its size, it has its seemingly obligatory larger than average ratio of pubs to residents, as well as numerous places to grab a meal or stop for a snack.



Green DoorWith magnificent views of the surrounding landscape, the picture-postcard stone houses and shops, externally garlanded with an abundance of flowers in bloom, left you imagining how it might feel to live in such a quaint and peaceful part of the world with only the neighbouring cows – and tourists, unfortunately – for company.

CowsAs well as its own small racecourse, the village centre houses shops selling fine wines and liquors, pungent cheeses and speciality breads – the cheese and Marmite loaf being a top seller, apparently – handmade ales, the usual overpriced curios and a selection of jams, chutneys and deli items that made your mouth water, but would also make a large hole in your pocket if you had to shop there regularly because you had no means of travelling the twenty-five mile or so round trip to the supermarket.

Pig & WhistleI was spoilt with a delicious meal of beer battered cod, hand cut chips (how else can you cut chips? Even with an implement, there’s still a hand involved somewhere in the process), mushy peas and tartar sauce at The Pig & Whistle – highly recommended – followed later by tea and cake at one of the cafes, this despite us still being full from lunch. Greedy girls! (Well, we were on our hols, if only for one day, and felt obliged to offer our patronage).

All in all, we had a lovely time. The weather was glorious and it gave us a chance to catch up with a girly chat and for me to return home refreshed, ready to embark on the multitude of writing projects I have set for myself.

If you ever find yourself in the vicinity of the Lake District, you should add it to your list of ‘must see’ places to visit. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

I had my first corrected proofreading assignment returned a few days ago and despite doing ‘extremely well’ at highlighting the errors and querying others I was unsure of, I was disappointed and angry at myself to learn I had made some stupid gaffs in my responses, one of which ‘com1ma’ would have been easy to spot had I not been rushing, again, to send the work off. I had scanned the assignment over several days finding mistakes on each read through, and just when I thought I’d finished I found more, and that’s what led to my own proofreading mistakes. As the tutor rightly pointed out, if the proofreader is making mistakes, what confidence will the client have in your abilities?

Some good news … I was fortunate enough to have my gluttony-themed short story shortlisted in a competition I’d entered at Retreat West, run by Amanda Saint, last week. Not quite a winner, but I was still delighted.

And finally – not sure whether I should even mention this and possibly jinx it – I’m still waiting on news of a story submitted to Take A Break Fiction Feast over thirteen weeks ago. It’s the longest I’ve ever waited for a decision. I know ten–twelve weeks is a guide and it may take longer, but I’m crossing my fingers that it will be positive, especially as I dropped them a line over a week ago and they’ve yet to get back to me. Has anyone else had a similar experience?

Ta ta for now and Happy Writing!

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  1. Well done, Julie. You’re having so much success at the moment!

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