Joanne Cope

joanne-cope-exhibitionI realise I’ve been AWOL for weeks (for which I apologise to my regular readers), but my time hasn’t been idly spent. As well as a few creative projects, I submitted several more letters to magazines and short stories to writing competitions — I even applied for a paid writing job — none of which were successful. I can’t even say they were rejected; no feedback was received. Not to worry. I shall not be discouraged. I also went on an overnight leisure trip to Bristol and Bath this week, managing to avoid the usual Jane Austen mania. (Something for another time as not suitable for my travelling companions.) However, I did encounter an artist by the name of Joanne Cope displaying a selection of her work in a gallery on Bath’s high street.

Venturing in with my sister, I was bowled over by the hypnotic images of cattle, hares and stags. The detail in these paintings was superb, with the artist seemingly capturing the animals’ personalities on canvas, making them appear endearing and, dare I say, cute. You just wanted to reach out and stroke them. Unfortunately, the gallery was empty at that particular time, and I wasn’t certain whether the woman behind the desk, who started up a conversation with us, was the artist or not, until I spied the magazine reviewing her work accompanied by her photograph. By that time, I’d managed to summon up an artistic critique consisting of the words ‘nice’, ‘lovely’ and ‘feminine’ — don’t ask. The truth is I was overwhelmed by the magnificent paintings before me and felt quite intimidated to be in the presence of such a talented artist. This is no excuse — I am a writer, for goodness’ sake. So, if Joanne happens to read this, I would like to apologise to her for my inarticulacy and reticence, especially when I wanted to say how impressive I found her work. I did manage to ask her the way to the Roman Baths, though; she was very amenable and accommodating.

The exhibition finished today, so I was lucky to catch it, but if you’re interested, you can take a peek at her website and see for yourself.

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5 Responses to Joanne Cope

  1. Rosemary Johnson says:

    Glad you had a good time. I’m not really into art myself. In fact, I’m a bit of a philistine where visual arts are concerned.

    • Julie Wow says:

      I”m no expert and only know what I like. I try to be creative in my endeavours but end up feel deeply inadequate in the presence of a true artist. Doesn’t stop me trying though.

  2. Joanne Cope says:

    Julie, what a lovely surprise to read this. Thank you for coming into the exhibition and for writing such a wonderful piece about my show. I appreciate any comments I receive – especially positive ones like yours. I am a bit worried about my directions to the Roman Baths now. I hope I didn’t get you lost! Thanks again for writing this article. Reading it has been the perfect start to my week. Best wishes, Joanne

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