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Multi-tasking woman at ChristmasMy husband had two interviews for Project Manager jobs this week and although this is a complex and responsible area of work, it made me realise how many women are born to fit this role, because they live the life of a project manager everyday.

For example: Christmas is almost upon us, and women everywhere are organising present buying, selecting appropriate cards to send to family and friends, arranging the office party, stocking up on food and drink for the festive season, as well as planning events for the big day itself. All this, alongside holding down the day job and caring for a multi-generational family, and that’s without the usual cleaning, cooking, shopping, washing and ironing — those household chores that  refuse to be ignored.

Despite this, most women will have a bit of a moan but then get on with it, like the troopers that they are, ticking off items as they’re bought and crossing through tasks, as and when they’re completed, on their numerous lists. But, listen … in the background, there is a rumble. The sound of the discontented, irascible male, grumbling profusely because he has to select and buy a present for one family member — that’s right, you heard me … ONE!!! Is it really that traumatic — choosing the right thing for your wife, partner, girlfriend (please, delete as appropriate)?

I caught Eamonn Holmes on This Morning relaying how his wife, Ruth Langsford, presents him with a list of all the things she wants for Christmas and then feigns excitement and astonishment that he has chosen so well when she opens them on Christmas morning.

My husband thinks this is a wonderful idea and should be adopted by women everywhere, as it removes all the anxiety from selecting a gift that may be deemed inappropriate or disappointing.

I suppose I should be gratified that he wants to meet my expectations and I don’t end up with a Swiss Army Knife that can serve as a tracking device should I ever find myself lost in the Mojave desert.

For the sake of peace and goodwill at Christmas, I’m prepared to go along with Ruth’s reasoning. So, here’s my list:

  • Small island in the Caribbean
  • Villa in Provence
  • Aston Martin
  • Diamond tiara and matching necklace …

Should I go on?

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