If at first you don’t succeed…

Champagne celebrationThis time yesterday I was still feeling pretty downcast after having another rejected short story returned on Saturday, this time from Woman’s Weekly.

A fellow blogger kindly stepped in with moral support and gave me some invaluable pointers, for which I was most grateful. (I won’t name her – she knows who she is – as I have no wish to put her in the awkward predicament of being inundated with requests from other writers in similar circumstances.) This did cheer me for a while, and gave a renewed focus to my writing.

Unfortunately, it didn’t take long before the old doubts began to creep in again and by Monday evening, I felt thoroughly miserable. So my fella and I took a trip to Sainsbury’s to pick up a bit of shopping i.e. vodka and chocolate. He also offered to treat me to one of my passions: interior design magazines.

I stood deliberating for some time over the glossy covers depicting festive scenes of snow, Christmas trees and roaring fires before plumping for an old favourite: ‘House Beautiful’ (although I have to admit, it’s probably the first copy of this mag I’ve bought all year).

Skimming through it back home a few hours later, I paused at the readers’ letters page and scanned the ‘Star Letter’. Thinking it sounded vaguely familiar, I checked the name, which also sounded familiar, as of course it would because… it was MINE!!

The letter had been altered slightly, for editorial purposes, but the most startling aspect of this revelation was that I emailed it to the magazine twelve months ago to this very day. It being too late for last year’s Dec/Jan edition, it had apparently been shelved for a year to use now.

As you might imagine I was ecstatic, especially when I learned I’d won £100 worth of Earthborn Claypaint vouchers for my troubles.

So the moral of this story is to never give up; success may lie just around the corner.

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  1. Brilliant! Maybe there’s more money in letter-writing than fiction!

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