I think, therefore I write…

pen and inkI have a thing for pens; like books, they are my guilty pleasure. You can keep your jewellery and shoes – just give me a fine nib housed within a svelte, smooth body and I’m in heaven. Oooh! And if it’s a fountain pen, even better.

At Christmas I received a present of an Online fountain pen with a blinged-up version of a traditional paisley design, and I was in raptures. Disassembling it to insert its cartridge made me feel like Frankenstein ready to inject life into his monster: a vehicle for creation. To witness the calligraphic script flow from its point was akin to a transcendental experience and a pure delight.

I use it to write everything from short stories and blog posts to greeting cards and notes for the family. Its imprint is so stylish it can make my shopping list appear as a piece of Dickensian prose.

So would I swap it for a diamond necklace? Only so I may use the jewellery to barter for more pens, or maybe to acquire the Visconti Jung Alchemy Double-Ended Fountain Pen which you can view on The Pen Company’s website by clicking here.

This fabulously ornate and intricately designed pen lies nestled between two circling serpents above its own crystal inkwell. Swoon! But with a price tag of £3500 my only hope of owning it would be if I won the lottery. I probably wouldn’t get any writing done anyway, distracted as I would be by its splendour as it sat adorning my futile desk. Oh but to dream!

Image credit: andrejad / 123RF Stock Photo

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2 Responses to I think, therefore I write…

  1. Rosemary says:

    I have a fountain pen too, Julie, but I use for signing things only. It’s much more comfortable on the fingers than a biro, and for someone with RSI that’s very important.

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