Endless Love, Part Deux: The Video

After reading my last post, my anally-retentive… I mean, focused; yes, that’s it, focused… husband set himself the task of trawling through You Tube to find Lionel Richie performing Endless Love. In the process, he found a plethora of cover versions of this song performed in a variety of ways. So here are some of the best to share, on this day of love:

A cleverly constructed video using the lyrics of the song to highlight the bromance between Bush & Blair, before it all went pear-shaped:

After hearing this one, I think Diana Ross can sleep soundly in her bed. This young lady has obviously never heard of the 5 Ps: Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance. Very entertaining, nevertheless. Love the way she even joins in with the backing track:

This is an excellent cover from the cast of Glee with an amusing insight into the inner thought processes of the couple – teacher and pupil – singing the song:

If you like the classical guitar, you’ll love this version, but what I love most about the video is all the paraphernalia you can see in the background. And as for the wallpaper… Must warn you though, it does go on a bit but still riveting stuff!

And finally, the great man himself, Lionel Richie, accompanied by the legendary Diana Ross. Not the best of videos and the sync appears to be out, but demonstrates how schmaltz, at its best, should be done:

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