End of an Era

Within a day or so I should have completed the eighth and final week of the Start writing fiction course, with Future Learn. It has flown by, but has it been worth it? Definitely!

As well as finding out more ways to generate ideas, I’ve discovered how successful authors approach their work; their strategies for plot development, and the importance of analysis to ensure your story contains three-dimensional characters.

It’s been good to get feedback on my work, even when it wasn’t wholly positive – it became apparent that pieces I’d rushed were less well received, so time invested in your writing does pay off.

For me, the most valuable lesson, reinforced by this course, is that character drives plot. With a detailed character analysis and a suggested area of conflict, your story almost writes itself. You only have to consult your analysis and ask:

‘Is this what/how my character would do … say … act?’

With this information the story may spark off in a new direction to the one originally conceived. It’s a technique I will continue to use in my writing.

In conclusion, I would recommend this course to anyone who takes their writing seriously. Occasionally, it’s been time-consuming – because I write so slowly – but it’s free and you’ve nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

Speaking of gains: I submitted one of my course assignments, The Death of Love, to be considered for publication on National Flash-Fiction Day, and guess what? It was accepted! It’s to be posted at around 22:10 (BST) on Saturday 21st June and here’s the link for anyone who may be interested in reading this or any of the many other stories on offer:


You have until 23:59 on June 19th, 2014 (today) to submit your entries. So, get writing and good luck!

Finally, I’m off clay pigeon shooting this Saturday (a Christmas present from hubby that we’ve only just round to taking advantage of). Quite excited, but a little nervous. Hope I don’t make a complete fool of myself and miss the lot.

Until next time, Happy Writing!

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  1. Well done, Julie. I will look forward to reading that one tomorrow. Pity I missed it myself as I enjoy Flash.

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