Deluded or aspirational? You decide.

Reach for the starsNow that the decorations have been cleared away and the festive season is yet another memory in the catalogue of Christmases past, our thoughts turn to the coming year and what we hope to achieve.

As I’ve already said, I don’t intend to set any definitive goals that may hamper my motivation and enthusiasm — against the advice of many other writers out there, I might add. However, this last week, I have spent some time identifying short story competitions that may prove a suitable conduit for my writing style and followed this up by mapping out several ideas for submission.

There is a glut of competitions on the market. Far too many to enter for a girl of my limited talents — and that’s if I could afford the somewhat substantial bill that would arise from the accumulated entry fees. The free competitions are as scarce as a fat, hirsute woman on Baywatch and when they do arise, every man and his dog decides to have a go.

One competition has piqued my interest though. It was brought to my attention by Helen Yendall on her Blog About Writing and is The Homestart Bridgwater Short Story Prize 2015, judged by one of my favourite authors, Tracy Chevalier. As Helen has herself commented, the fee is ‘a little pricey at £7’, but the idea that there may be even a distinct possibility of having my work read by this amazing writer means I have to enter.

Listen to me. My story is only at the conceptual stage and I’ve already bounced myself onto the shortlist and in with a chance of the £500 prize. Well, a girl can dream, can’t she?

Anyway, the point is I now have a focus to begin my writing projects and my new year. What projects, if any, have you identified as a start to your writing year, or are you still dallying and procrastinating and wishing you were back in holiday mode?

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  1. Very good write-up. I absolutely appreciate this website. Continue the good work!

  2. Well done, Julie. Everything crossed!

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