By Jennifer Hillier

‘Creep’ is a first novel by author, Jennifer Hillier. It tells the story of Dr Sheila Tao, a university professor of psychology, who enters into a casual, but intense, affair with one of her graduate students, Ethan Wolfe. When she becomes engaged to her rich financier boyfriend she moves to end the relationship with her lover, but Wolfe has other ideas.

So enraged is he by her dismissal of him, that he hatches a plan to destroy her and the life she has created – just your average Jilted John story then. It could have been but it’s so much more than that.

Wolfe has a dark past and so has she as it turns out, and this is the point when the story really gets started. Dr Tao may be a psychologist but she didn’t see this nutter coming and when a student from the same campus is murdered in mysterious circumstances, she begins to suspect Ethan’s involvement.

‘Creep’ is a sexy, psychological thriller with enough twists and turns to maintain the momentum and at the same time continuing to build the tension to keep you hooked up to the very last page. Give it a go and let me know whether you agree.

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