Blooming Lovely!

LavenderAs avid fans of Springwatch, and its counterparts Autumnwatch and Winterwatch, we have re-fashioned our garden this year to accommodate flowers that will attract bees, birds and other wildlife to its borders. There are many plants that fit into this category, but we decided to include lavender, foxgloves, Foxglovecampanula and delphiniums to sit alongside others whose names now escape my memory. As you can probably tell I’m no expert, but I do know there is much joy to be had watching a garden flourish.

We’ve even dedicated a small patch that will allow naturally occurring wildflowers, like buttercups, to spring up undisturbed and planted a whole host of seeds in another managed wildflower section to give the butterflies and bees something to sing and dance about. ButtercupThe seeds have already germinated, so we’re hoping they survive long enough to reach their full potential.

Watching a seedling or small shrub mature and burst into life is very rewarding, and I can see how this could become addictive, given the time. My peony has even sprouted buds this year; the first since it was planted about three years ago, so I’m looking forward to finally seeing it in bloom.Garden

Overall, we have had a few failures with our planting, but these are outnumbered by our successes to culminate in a garden exploding with colour and life, in preparation for the summer.

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