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??????????????????????????????????An Anthology by ALPHA WRITERS GROUP

Alpha Writers is an online group of approximately 16 members from around the world. A selection of their work (first names only; no surnames given), over a period of five years, has been collated to produce birth | music | sonnets: An Anthology by ALPHA WRITERS GROUP, published by Alfie Dog Fiction. It comprises a collection of short stories, reflections, non-fiction and poetry — bound by a stylish and attractive cover design — and does exactly as it says on the tin

Music is the first theme explored and using the individual’s perspective seeks to express the effects of this evocative stimulant. A theme of birth was chosen as the inspiration to pay homage to the group’s leader, who died in March 2011. Many of the tributes in this section are emotional and poignant, but the one that stands out for me is this clever poem — Birth … by Geoff — exploring the notion of reincarnation to right previous wrongs and discovering, in the process, that this is wholly dependent on certain factors: returning as human, being one.

By far, my favourite section is that of the sonnets. I enjoyed all of them, but particular ones resonated with me as a writer. Rosemary’s A work of fiction highlighted the perils of litigation when your character studies are too close to home, and Oh woe! Writers’ Block, by Margaret, is something most writers can attest to, I’m sure. Geoff’s After the Earthquake recreated a vivid and haunting scene in its imagining of a victim lying buried under the rubble, awaiting recovery, and On Infidelity, by Sally, expands the premise that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

The complete work is a testament to what can be achieved by individuals when they come together as a collective and with all the proceeds from sales going to Macmillan Cancer Support, it’s all in a good cause too.

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