Back to the Land of the Living!

Junk yardJust a short post to let anyone that may be interested know that I’m still around and haven’t quite fallen from the face of the earth … yet. I have been forced to register at the local ‘Knacker’s Yard’ though, such is my propensity towards ill health these last couple of months and, in particular, the past two weeks: a chest infection rendered me so poorly it felt it might possibly be ‘Goodnight, Vienna’ for me.

The one positive from the experience is that after trying to lose weight for some time and, after shedding half a stone through a change of diet prior to my illness, I, subsequently, went on to lose a further 10lbs in 10 days during the course of the infection — the thought of eating left me feeling decidedly nauseous. Although, it is satisfying to discover a slimmer me, I would in no way advocate the means.

Feeling so ill gives you a different perspective on life and makes you reassess your priorities. So, although I intend to continue to pursue my writing ambitions, I shall not be stressing myself out to the same degree if I fail to make the long list of some competition or other, or waste time fretting about a rejection. (By the way, I failed to make the long list for the Homestart Bridgwater Short Story Prize — Tracy Chevalier— but am I bovvered? See, I’m cured!) Life is far too short, which I always knew, but now more than painfully realise.

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2 Responses to Back to the Land of the Living!

  1. Sorry to hear you’ve been unwell, Julie. I did notice that you have been a bit quiet. Hope you feel better soon. Well done on losing so much weight. I have lost 2 1/2 stones over the past few years and, having managed to keep my weight stable for some time, I have today left WeightWatchers. It was a massive effort and, every day, it’s still an effort. You have to say no to yourself every day.

    • Julie Wow says:

      Thanks for the good wishes, and congratulations on losing so much weight and maintaining the loss. I know what you mean about saying ‘no’. It would be so easy to slip into old habits and pile the pounds back on. At present, I’m trying hard to establish a balance with a few treats, without going overboard. I’ve gone gluten and dairy free, but each time I go shopping I discover new foods in this range which, if I’m not careful, could be my undoing. If only one could buy willpower!

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