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Writers Bureau studentAnyone who visits this blog regularly will know the inordinate amount of home improvements we’ve undertaken, all at a substantial cost to our limited budget. This work is ongoing and the house appears to have become somewhat of a money pit, draining us of our financial resources.

As my short story writing is still in its infancy and yet to earn me any money, and the total income from my other enterprises barely yielding enough to keep a cat in food and biscuits for nigh on a month, I made the decision to cast my net further afield.

Yesterday I enrolled as a student on a course with The Writers Bureau to obtain a Certificate in Proofreading and Copy Editing. As you may appreciate this amounts to a further cash outlay – fortunately, there was a £75 discount offered on all of their courses until 31st May – but I am hoping it will prove a sound investment in my writing future. Once I’ve completed the course (and with a modicum of luck), it will afford me the opportunity to earn some extra income and improve my writing skills in other projects. So it’s a win-win situation! 

It also means I have more than enough on my plate with this course, the last few weeks of the creative writing project, continuing short story development, my blog, Oh! and don’t forget, living, so I mustn’t tarry and go, get on with it.

Before I do, please let me extend a thank you to Helen Yendall who graciously donated some books as a giveaway on her Blog About Writing website. I was lucky enough to have my name drawn from the proverbial hat and secure Write A Novel And Get It Published by Nigel Watts and Stephen May. I’ve made a start on it and already learned things about novel writing that are new to me, so a worthwhile investment for all you aspiring novelists out there.

One last mention is to say thank you to the cast of the Hilarity Charity Gala held last night at the Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton. A host of comedians gave their time free gratis in aid of the Central Youth Theatre, an organisation established over thirty years ago to support a young company that started out in church halls and street theatre entertainment. The company eventually expanded to encompass international players and appear in festivals across Europe, but now finds itself struggling due to council funding cuts. It is endorsed and receives donations from several well-known personalities including the actress, Julie Walters, Suggs from Madness and the Olympic athlete, David Moorcroft.

Although not all the acts performing were to my taste, it was an enjoyable evening – albeit tiring with a four-hour round journey and three-and-a-half hour gala – and the theatre itself was magnificent, resplendent in its ornate gold plaster corniced ceilings and sumptuous red velvet seats, with a great view of the stage from the dress circle, plenty of loos and several bars. What more can one ask for? Well worth a visit.

That’s all for this week so until next time, Happy Writing!

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  1. Bernadette Davies says:

    good luck with the course Julie xx

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