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Magic Christmas TreeA recent survey concluded that October 24th was the day many early birds would start their Christmas shopping, ahead of the festive season. Not to brag, but mine is almost complete and to jolly all of you along who haven’t even started yet (and to have an opportunity to use the sparkly picture above again) here is another short story, published by Alfie Dog Fiction, to boost the Yuletide spirit:

Adam’s First Case is an uplifting and often humorous story, by Patsy Collins, with the familiar theme of good overcoming evil. It highlights a young boy, Adam, who dreams of becoming a policeman when he grows up. Until then, he has promised the community bobby that he’ll keep a lookout to help track down a prolific burglar, operating in his area.

When Adam, inadvertently, comes across his mum and dad in the garden with a new bike bought as a Christmas present for his brother, Adam is sworn to secrecy. His parents explain that they are ‘helping’ Father Christmas because he is busy taking care of ‘the magic’ of the season, which enables the innocent lad to fill in a few blanks of his own concerning the genial man’s existence.

However, the scene is now set for confusion and doubt to abound after a series of events leaves him turning detective to question his newfound beliefs, unsure as to which direction to take. An inspiring Christmas tale!

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3 Responses to Another Short Story Review

  1. Patsy says:

    Thanks, Julie. Glad you enjoyed the story.

  2. I want to read this story now, Julie. I always enjoy Patsy’s stories. Also – a little teaser – we will be seeing more of Patsy on my blog Write On – very shortly.

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