And the winners are …

TargetThe winners of the Writers Bureau Short Story Competition 2014 were announced last week judged, once again, by Iain Pattison. Despite my third consecutive year of entry, my story wasn’t amongst the four finalists. Although I was disappointed, I wasn’t necessarily surprised because a winning prize fund of £500 is sure to attract a substantial number of entries and, considering the high calibre of the work of the winners, I take heart that at least I submitted a story in the face of such fierce competition.

I enjoyed reading all four of the successful stories, each one demonstrating a distinctive and evocative voice whose message stayed with me long after I’d finished reading it. If you haven’t seen them already, click on the link here. Their words serve to remind me why I choose to write and inspire me to carry on, in the hope that one day my name may appear on that winning list.

In the meantime and for all those writers like me, who are still honing their skills in search of validation and success, see this latest blog post on the Writers Bureau website for tips on how to craft the perfect piece.

Once perfected, why not try this new Flash Fiction Competition with a first prize of £300, plus a free writing course of your choice. The Writers Bureau are accepting entries now of no more than 500 words with a closing date of 30th November 2014. I think I may have a dabble. Any other takers?

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