Alan Sugar, move over!

Would you Adam and Eve it? I only went and had another Letter of the Week in the TV Times again. Been trying for ages without success, set myself an intention and achieved two within the first few months of this year. Not bad, eh?TV Times Letter of the Week 2

I’m sorry, but who are you?

Apologies … my name is Julie, and I’m a serial blog post truant. Positive things have been happening in the background to explain my absence, though.  All right, maybe not for that long. One of the things I haven’t done much of lately is writing, apart from my star letters. Entered one flash fiction — nothing to report there — and almost finished another for submission, but on the art front, things are really taking off.

I’ve been working on some of my own pieces (see inset) Elephant Button Artas well as a commission for a wedding present for a couple getting married in New York this month. That has certainly stretched my capabilities. (Pictures to follow.) And, I’m also exhibiting my work in a major high street bank in central Manchester in less than two weeks to mark the promotion of small businesses in the area. My sister — who works there — and I will man a stall; me, displaying and drumming up interest for my button art and she, selling her homemade terrariums. Considering I’ve only been active in this area for a few months, things are developing nicely. If you’re in the Manchester area on the 29th March, please pop in to HSBC bank in St. Anne’s Square and say hello.

Hope to return with more news before the end of the year. But with my recent track record, there’s no guarantee.

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2 Responses to Alan Sugar, move over!

  1. Well done, Julie. Well done on your letter. I think you do very well in TV Times. Most people would only expect to get a letter published once or twice in their lives. You obviously hit the right note.

    Keep going with the other subs. Alfie Dog submission window is open at the moment, btw.

    And on the jewellery. I’ve always admired jewellery-makers, because it’s something I’ve never attempted. Hope it goes well in HSBC in 2 weeks time.

    • Julie Wow says:

      Thanks for the support. It’s actually button art — pictures made up of buttons, rhinestones, beads and the odd remnant of old jewellery — but it looks very blingy, I know.

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