A Fresh Start

Fresh StartMonday is the start of the Future Learn Start writing fiction course, a free eight week creative writing course offered by The Open University. It only seems a couple of weeks ago that I enrolled for this – in fact it was January – having first seen it mentioned on Sally Jenkins’ blog, A Writer on Writing, and now already, it’s here.

I am looking forward to getting back to a more structured approach to my writing, following a long period of upheaval in my home life; a fresh start, so to speak. The thing that worries me slightly is how much of a holiday my creativity may have decided to take, as it seems to have packed its bags and gone for the long haul. I had an idea for a story the other day that refused to develop no matter how hard I tried to think it through, until I realised I was probably trying too hard and this was, in itself, counterproductive. So I have left it on the backburner in the hope that inspiration will coming winging its way back when its ready.

I am pleased to report that the refurbishing work to our home has now been completed (fingers, legs, toes and everything else crossed) and we can finally start decorating. It has been a much longer process than originally anticipated and quite traumatic on occasions. (And no, I’m not being melodramatic; actually it’s an understatement.) Even the plumber who came to fit our cast iron radiators last week – and the boiler, as that decided to pack in as well – didn’t escape the curse, breaking a scaphoid bone in his wrist whilst reassembling one of the radiators (of which he wasn’t initially aware until he was in agony and his fingers started swelling several hours later). His van also broke down on the way home leaving him with a wait of over four hours for a pick-up truck. We’re considering employing an exorcist to rid the house of its hex before we start on any other jobs.

For those of you who missed the referral to this course and are interested in enrolling, there are still places available by clicking on the following link:


Happy writing!

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