From Obscurity to Oblivion

When I gave up a nursing career to fancy myself as a writer, I could see already the multitude of awards gathering dust on my fictional mantlepiece.

Some years later and progressing nicely but yet to see my name in print (other than on a pharmacy label for antibiotics), I have taken the decision to embrace a different medium, namely a blog.

So here it is; my attempt at reaching out to the masses. A blog to enthral; bulging with views and opinions or at the very least, a few light ramblings about such riveting topics as:

Shower gel or soap? A question of decorum and

To feed or not to feed – pets who beg.

I look forward to our mutual connection and leave it for you to decide whether it is: wit or wittering?

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6 Responses to From Obscurity to Oblivion

  1. Good luck!

    After 400 posts, I will send you a slice of virtual cheddar from my own blog. If that doesn’t encourage you, I don’t know what will.

    Chester :)

  2. Annie says:

    Im hooked already!! I’m a virgin blogger follower (probs called something else) but I can’t wait for more from you! I know it will be entertaining stuff!! Eating your hearts out Stephen and Will I am!! Only bloggers I know!! No pressure Jules!! X are kisses the done thing – I don’t know? God shut up me this is your blog not mine!!

  3. lynton70 says:

    Good luck look forward to helping you spend your royalties. J k Rowling who!

  4. Spartan Lees says:

    Good luck hope to see a master piece in the blogging genre unfold. X x x

  5. Deldie says:

    Good luck with the new blog. I look forward to reading your posts.


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